Service planning of our patients:


We inform our patients in the best way by providing a detailed interview with our patients about the treatment methods they want to take before the treatment process.

2-Treatment Planning:

We are researching the hospital, treatment options and price alternatives for you for the treatment of your disease and we share all the alternatives with you. If more than one method is used for the treatment of the patient, we will contact the patient and decide which method should be chosen together with the medical evaluations of the best doctors in the field.

3-Travel Planning:

We guarantee you the best service and price regarding your flight tickets, pre-treatment and during the treatment, hotel transfers, airport transfers, airport transfers, patient transfers and all other requests during the travel process.

4-Treatment process

your treatment   We do this in hospitals with high medical technology and the best doctors in the field. Thanks to our assistants who accompany them and can speak the same language, we respond to their requests by establishing the best communication. We accelerate the discharge process by performing the necessary procedures to leave our patients on the day of discharge.

5- After Treatment

We provide our patients with the necessary information about control appointments and postoperative care before leaving the hospital. After returning home, we provide support to our patients for their post-treatment care.


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Gynecology and Obstetrics


Nutrition and Diet


Physical therapy and rehabilitation


Eye diseases


Mouth and dental health




Cardiovascular Health


General Check-Up


Other General Diseases

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