Kartaca Tourism has been continuing to operate in the tourism sector in Bodrum / Mugla since 2003 on the basis of customer satisfaction, service, price, quality and sustainability above international standards as a TURSAB (Turkey Travel Agencies Union) member.

Kartaca Tourismm has joined forces with Ukraine based ARC Health Consulting company, which has been serving in the field of Health Tourism Consultancy since 2005 in order to meet the expectations of the right diagnosis, right doctor, right hospital and the best price for citizens living abroad in their search for Health Services and it has started to provide Health Tourism consultancy service as Kartaca Health.

Our staff, who are experts in their fields, prioritize the interests of our guests in all processes of the requested health service with the motto “First Health”. Kartaca Health cooperates with physicians specialized in more than 100 fields, private hospitals with JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation and ISO standards, and specialized clinics in 26 different cities of Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Why you should choose Kartaca Health consultancy?

You never know if you can get the right doctor, the right hospital and the right treatment at the right price in a country, culture and language with which you are not familiar. Kartaca Health will enlighten your way through these unknowns, protect your interests in all processes and provide you with the most accurate information on all matters you want to know or wonder. Thus, you will experience the comfort of having the best health service in peace and security and away from all your worries while deciding on purchasing any health services.

Our priority is to ensure that our patients regain their health and have a comfortable treatment process thanks to our 15 years of experience. We use our 15 years of experience and knowledge to ensure that the entire treatment process is carried out under the best conditions and our patients leave our country in satisfaction and in good health. We aim for our patients to make their decisions based on real data in the selection of treatment and by this way, our patients will benefit much more from the whole process.

Our working principles;

* We protect your personal and medical data safely. Your personal data and medical data are deleted from our system 30 days after your treatment ends. The records of our patients who need medical follow-up are deleted from our system 30 days after the end of the follow-up process.

* Kartaca Health operates according to legal, moral and professional standards. Our primary priority is the safety, health and comfort of the patient under all circumstances.

* We defend the rights of our patients. We take sides with you as the 3rd party in the system. As Kartaca Health, our reason for existence is to ensure that our patients receive the best service under the best conditions.

* We ensure that all processes are completed without any problems and that our patients receive support in all matters. Our patients will not need to make efforts at any stage from travel arrangements to treatments and from doctor appointments to city tours requested.

* Medical evaluation and follow-up will be done by our specialist doctors. Our medical advisor will be in contact with the doctor in Turkey and the doctor in the patient’s home country after treatment if she/he wishes. Our consultants speak English, German, French, Russian, Persian and Arabic languages.

* We have in-depth information about doctors, hospitals and the health system in Turkey. As a result of our rigorous researches, we direct our patients by making sure which doctor is more specialized in which field, the operation of the clinics and hospitals, the quality of the medical equipment they use and the success rates.

* We share medical information and evaluations with our patients in such a way that there is no room for misunderstanding. We make sure that there are no deficiencies in medical evaluations and that the doctor performing your treatment / surgery has medical information about the patient.

* Our patient coordinators deal with the details of the whole process broadly and completely. Every process is meticulously planned by taking into account the comfort of our patients.

* We are always with our patients. They will be able to reach us 24 hours a day, not only in medical matters, but in any situation where support is needed.

* Our priority is patient’s safety before, during or after treatment. We are aware that our success depends on providing service above sectoral standards.

2,013 patients from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, England, Germany and Australia received consultancy services between 2005 and December 2019, and the branches of health and the number of patients are as follows:

* Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery-112 (Aesthetic, Orthodontics, Implants, Dental Prostheses, Maxillofacial and Dental Surgery, Pediatric Pedodontics)

* Brain and Nerve Surgery- 305

* Dermatology- 115 (Fungus, Psoriasis, Eczema, Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

* Eye Health- 403 (Cornea, Cataract, Eye Pressure, Eye Aesthetics, Post-Accident Surgical Intervention)

* Gynaecology and Obstetrics- 55

* Cancer Surgery- 34 (Liver, Lung, Stomach, Breast, Pancreas, Rectum, Bladder, Prostate)

* Substance Addiction Treatment- 4

* Obesity Surgery 84

* Spinal Surgery- 240 (Scoliosis, Kyphoscoliosis, Spinal Fractures, Cancer Surgery)

* Orthopedics- 52 (Knee Surgery, Elbow Surgery, Shoulder Surgery, Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy, Pediatric Surgery, Oncological Surgery)

* Palliative Treatment (Bedridden Patient Care) - 21

* Pediatric Oncology- 107 (Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Surgery, Marrow Transplant)

* Plastic Surgery - 265 (Hair Transplantation, Mammoplasty, Rhinoplasty (Nose Job), Eye Aesthetics, Cicatrix, Birthmarks, Vaginal Aesthetics, Filling, Botox)

* In vitro fertilization - 81 (Sperm Donation, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, Egg Donation, Infertility Treatment, Egg Donor) (Egg Donation and Gender Selection processes are carried out in the Northern Cyprus of Turkish Republic as these processes are prohibited in Turkey)

* Type 2 Diabetic Surgery- 94 (Transit Bipartition - Type 2 Diabetes Surgical Treatment)

* Adult Oncology- 41 (Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Surgery, Marrow Transplant)


Turkey, which has been placed on top of the foreign patients’ health preferences, has an important position in health tourism. Health tourism services include “medical tourism, thermal health tourism, elderly and disabled tourism. Turkey has been among the most preferred countries in the field of medical tourism for the past 10 years and 1 million 87 thousand patients from 144 countries were provided service in 2009.

Turkey is among the leading countries in the health sector for foreign patients with quality medical services, geographic location and affordable price range. The most important reason why hospitals in Turkey are preferred for treatment is that there are 2000 health institutions (public and private enterprises) equipped with the latest technology. 54 of these are JCI (Joint Commission International) approved hospitals. This is a 21% rate among 58 countries that has this accreditation worldwide.
JCI-approved and ISO certified hospitals in Turkey offer fully equipped treatment services with its advanced branch networks, 150,000 health professionals, 15,000 of whom are physicians.
Many hospitals have high quality services and world-class medical and technological equipment, as well as price advantages. Turkey is the first choice of patients from many countries when the geographical structure, seasonal characteristics, historical and cultural wealth that it offers are added.


* is among the top 3 most preferred countries in the world in Health Tourism.

* is the most preferred country in Europe in Health Tourism. • hospitals in Turkey treated more than 1 million 87 thousand patients from 144 countries successfully in 2019.

* Turkey has invested for more than 30 billion dollars in the establishment of new hospitals and technology to be used in this sense for the last 10 years.

* more than 10,000 doctors in Turkey received medical training in USA.

* Turkey is the sixth country in the World that has been preferred for Tourism.

* Turkish Airlines connects you to Istanbul with direct flights from 291 airports in countries around the world.

* The most successful doctors in the world for organ transplantation are in Turkey.

* The most successful doctors in the world for stem cell technology are in Turkey.

* The most successful doctors in the world for cancer treatment are in Turkey.

* It is the most welcoming country in the world for guests and visitors.

* It is the only country in the world that has both high quality standards and affordable prices.


Our hospitals that provide healthcare services have devices and equipments that contain the latest technology and give services according to JCI accreditation and ISO standards. In addition to proven professionalism, our hospitals accept our patients as guests, not as customers, and constantly improve themselves to provide the best service to their guests. There is a unit within the hospital that serves International Patients, and this unit deals with all foreign patients. The health problems of our patients are evaluated by our professor doctors who has international recognition. In order for our patients to receive comfortable service as long as they receive inpatient treatment, they stay on special floors and private rooms reserved for international patients. Our patients are provided with IPM (International Patient Center) interpreters in every field they may need such as registration, hospitalization, examination, laboratory, radiology from the moment they enter the hospital. Our guests are informed about all processes before, during and after treatment. Treatment plan, duration of treatment and cost of treatment are the same as in the letter of offer. Any procedure under the name of adjunctive therapy cannot be handled without approval of the patient himself, patient accompanist (if any) or patient advisor unless there is a negative improvement in the patient's health conditions (if there is no life-threatening case).


* The patient applies to receive treatment services.

* He/she explains all the details about the health service he/she requests. He/she shares the medical records of the requested service, if any (diagnosis, treatment, laboratory, radiological data, MR, PET / CT etc.). In order to open a record on behalf of the patient, the passport or identity image of the patient must be attached. Requests without a copy of a document containing a passport or identity information are not answered.

* After the application of the patient, the patient information form is filled in detail and medical documents are sent to health@kartacatour.com mail address by choosing wetransfer or a different method

* The information and documents received by us are first examined by our team. If there is any missing information, it is completed, if additional information is necessary, it is requested and then the patient's request is confirmed.

*  A second opinion is requested from the doctor, hospital or clinic, which is the most appropriate for the patient's treatment request, and information is requested about the diagnosis, treatment plan and cost.

* Documents sent by the relevant doctor, hospital or clinic are examined, and if the documents are sufficient, a proposal containing diagnosis, treatment plan and cost information is sent to us within 48 hours at the latest.

* The submitted proposal is also examined by us. The proposal is sent to the agency If we are convinced about the competency of the doctor who will provide the treatment, the appropriateness of the treatment plan and the receivance of the best price quote. Necessary arrangements are made by talking to the institutions if needed and the proposal is renewed.

* This document containing the diagnosis, treatment process and cost information we receive is sent to the relevant agency via e-mail address of health@kartacatour.com without any intervention.

* If possible, the proposal including diagnosis, treatment and cost information is presented to the patient for evaluation by talking face-to-face with the patient. You can contact us by question and answer style in order for us to answer any questions promptly and to remove all question marks.

* After the patient makes a positive decision, travel information (copy of the flight ticket) of the patient is transmitted to us. In line with this information, airport hotel or hospital transfer, hotel accommodation (if outpatient), inpatient hospitalization Reservation (if inpatient), doctor appointments and appointments of laboratory, imaging etc. which are considered necessary are made and the patient is informed about all of these processes.

* The patient is welcomed at the airport on the day of arrival and transferred to the hotel or hospital. The patient who comes to the hospital is welcomed by IPM staff, hospitalization procedures are made and the patient is informed about the whole process.

* For patients with hotel accommodation, patient transfer is provided between the hotel and hospital and the treatment process of the patient is continued.

* According to the diagnosis and treatment plan, the fee requested from the patient is paid by the patient to the hospital’s accounting office. The diagnosis and treatment process is carried out step by step after the payment is made. • Views are exchanged about the patient by contacting the patient’s doctor in Turkey and his/her doctor in his/her own country (if any) in cases which are considered necessary.

* Our patient counselors will support our patient in all matters during the treatment.

* The patient whose treatment is completed and regained his/her health is transferred to the airport according to the flight plan for his/her return to his/her home country.

* Continuous contact for patients who need follow-up after treatment is established between the patient's doctor in his/her home country and his/her doctor in Turkey and mutual information about the patient is realized.

Our Contracted Hospitals

Medicana International Hospital

Private İzan Health Hospital

Lokman Hekim