It is not in vain that Homer called Bodrum 'the land of eternal blues' and famous author of Bodrum, Cevat Şakir, said that he would rather live here peacefully than resting in peace in another place. Throughout history, formerly Halicarnassus, then Bodrum, has been a place that cannot be shared and has always been fought for.

Bodrum is a region famous for its fortress rising on the peninsula formed by the merger of the eastern and western harbors and the white houses lined on the shores of the two harbors, the gumbets and the narrow streets descending to the sea.

Today, Bodrum is an important tourism center that can be experienced in summer and winter, gathering all the elements expected from a holiday region. It is equipped to meet the expectations of all segments from rich yachtsmen from all over the world to low-income groups that can spend a long summer holiday in a hostel with a limited budget. 


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