Turkey's third largest city, Izmir, contemporary, sophisticated, it is also a busy commercial center. Wandering at chirping mall is pretty enjoyable. To the west of İzmir lies the Çeşme Peninsula with its beautiful sea, beaches and thermal centers. Ephesus, one of the most famous cities of ancient times, was one of the largest cities in the world during the Roman period. Ephesus, which contains all the riches of Ionic culture, was also known for its intense artistic activities. Izmir, which is called İzmir Beautiful Izmir Türkçe in Turkish, is located at the head of a long and narrow bay surrounded by yachts and ships. It has a mild climate and in the summer a fresh coolness from the sea takes away the warmth of the sun. There are palm trees and wide streets along the beach. Izmir Port is the second largest port after Istanbul. İzmir is a lively and cosmopolitan city and has an important place with International Art Festival and International Fair.


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İzmir otelleri
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İzmir Emlak
  • İzmir Emlak
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