Fethiye, which was called Telmessos in ancient times, is like a hybrid princess who integrates all the beauties of nature with beautiful bays. The region whose history is based on BC is perhaps one of the rarest regions that could be preserved from centuries to the present day. Since the region is under protection, there are not many of the major Aegean and Mediterranean summer holiday hotels that we are used to but the existing facilities are more than enough to meet your expectations.

You can find different natural beauties and historical ruins in Fethiye region. Especially the natural beauties of Oludeniz and the quality of the sea is one of a kind that almost everyone will fall in love with. Ancient theater and rock cemeteries in the center of Fethiye are among the must-see historical places. Kayakoy (Rock Village), which is called the plateau of Fethiye region, reflects many historical architectures.

Fethiye has many bars, night clubs and restaurants. The entertainment facilities in the area are usually in the center and in the Calis area. Fethiye, which is a region preferred by foreign tourists, has all kinds of entertainment opportunities. It is also very suitable for extreme sports such as paragliding and scuba diving.


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