Kartaca Tourism was established in 2003 by Fatih Günay and Akin Kocaturk in Fethiye. We have been serving the tourism industry for over 30 years by providing sustainable, quality service to different, major tour operators. We set out for this initiative to provide services based on quality, international standards and long-term business relationships. After all, our experience following the center of Bodrum, Carthage Tourism in Turkey have decided to establish an Incoming Tour Operator.

With our professional agency understanding, experienced staff, special attention and high quality service are guaranteed. Our operation, which started in 2004 with 2100 guests, nowadays Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Georgia, Iran, Jordan, Bahrain, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Romania has reached 22,000 guests. Kartaca Tourism has also successfully completed the regional operations of Kuoni UK, Kuoni CH and Kuoni FR operators in the Aegean Region until 2016 with the experience and experience gained.

Our Agency, TÜRSAB (Turkey Travel Agencies Association) as a member, has managed to become a reputable and reliable professionals and agencies in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions by providing quality services. Our main office is located in Bodrum and the other three offices are in Antalya, Marmaris and Kuşadası.

We have established a good network between our branches in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. A coordinated, seamless onward transfer service, a wide range of sightseeing programs, many hotels in Turkey's various destinations, excellent price-service ratio and over every tour operator with professional services expected accuracy, we provide reliability and flexibility.

We build honest and long-term relationships with our guests on the basis of trust. In order to ensure that our guests' holidays go smoothly, we provide them with personalized service with our belief of özel treating everyone special ”.