Marmaris is a paradise corner where you can see all shades of green and blue in twelve months of the year. The abundance of bays on the long coastline, being a natural harbor, proximity to ancient cities, natural beauties, blue cruise facilities, modern yacht harbors, providing all kinds of water sports of the gulf, starting from the five-star to the most modest pension is a paradise district where all tourists can spend their holidays. Marmaris, which was known for its fishing, sponge fishing and herbs until recently, has become a major tourism center today.
In addition to land transportation, Dalaman Airport and Rhodes Ferries can easily be opened to the outside world. Marmaris is located on Datça road and it increases its importance due to its proximity to Fethiye road. and can be maintained


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Marmaris otelleri
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  • Marmaris Emlak
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