You are always Welcome to Georgia!

Travel is all about understanding the country you are visiting. Discovering different ways of life, religions and cultures, learning about the country’s past, visiting historical sites and experiencing everyday life. A great holiday takes time to plan and we are here to make it Easy for you.

Why travel with Kartaca Tour

We design package tours all around Georgia. Our specialized team of holiday planners can combine carefully selected highlights and generosity of culture that will reveal the heart and soul of each nation. We know Georgia inside out and will tailor make a tour itinerary to meet all of your requirements. Tougher tours can be broken up to shorter days on some routes, or by taking rest for the unwilling walker, we tailor tours that can be a mixture of walking, driving, horse riding whatever itinerary you want, we can put it together.

Summer Resorts

The entire western end of Georgia is coastline. The balmy waters of the Black Sea provides a respite from the summer heat and have welcomed Georgia’s many visitor down throught the centuries. The landscape transforms from sea, to subtropical coast, to foothills, then mountains in a few dozen kilometers. The health giving qualities of this combination of sea and mountain air is legendary and one reason why some of Ceorgia’s coastal regions can boast twice the world average of centenarians.

Winter Resorts

In winter Geogia attracts tourists to its famous mountain skiing resort centers which are Gudauri and Bakuriani. The mountain slopes are covered in snow until April and there are excellent conditions for skiing and other forms of winter sports. Guauri presents the one of the prettiest winter destinations ideal ski and snowboarding area for all from beginners to experts. The cozy and comfortable cottages and luxury hotels create the warm and pleasant hospitality for individuals, small group travelers and family vacations.

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